What Is Toxic Fat Syndrome?

Jill-Marie Evans

Toxic Fat Syndrome is not a true syndrome but more of a play on words because one of the big reasons why some people can't lose weight is due to a problem with toxins in the body. Sometimes an overworked liver or the kidneys have trouble removing toxins from the body. These toxins then get deposited in the fat cells of the body.

The image below is a picture of a fat cell. Notice the yellow and purple specs in the fat; those are toxins.Your body will store toxins in the fat cells to protect the other organs and glands.

Image previewThe problem is your body will not break down fat cells that are filled with toxins because it doesn't want to let the toxins back into the blood.
Your body will lower its own metabolism to stop the breakdown of toxin filled fat cells. The correct thing to do is to get the person on a good detox program that helps to support the detoxification of the; liver, kidneys, blood, lymph and cells.

However, some of the detox programs use synthetic supplements that can actually add to the level of toxicity in certain cases. 

    [Note: I find it interesting that this toxic fat cell kind of looks like a hamburger!!]

(Provided by and are shared with the permission of Alternacare Holistic Healthcare, Newnan, GA)