About Us

Aaron & Jill-Marie EvansOn January 21, 2007, Aaron and Jill-Marie were brought together by divine orchestration. It immediately became evident that there was indeed a heavenly purpose for the uniting of the two to fulfill a Kingdom agenda. Aside from the obvious elements of redemption and restoration in each of their lives, the Lord has moved swiftly and mightily in revealing His new direction for them as a couple.

The unveiling of the manifold wisdom of God is starting to show that the formation of their ministry is designed to penetrate the worlds of worship and economics.
AARON EVANS With over thirty years of ministry experience--advising, speaking, and mentoring spiritual leaders, Aaron's set time to walk out the fullness of the destiny in which God has lain before him has arrived. As a kingdom consultant, his call is to be a voice concerning the marketplace and apostolic movement; to mentor emerging kingdom leaders and give counsel to leaders in transition.

Aaron's humor, insight, counsel and understanding are kingdom attributes needed for this season. His ability to assemble teams according to their gift mix in their appointed formation in the Kingdom empowers Aaron as an overseer in the prophetic realm. He often finds himself in the role of spiritual father, visionary, mentor and friend. With these attributes, he helps this emerging generation to walk in divine wisdom, understanding, counsel and the ways of the Spirit.

Aaron's primary passion is to see worshippers arise and the desolation of many generations restored (Isa 61). A mandate given to Aaron from the Lord is to help establish apostolic worship centers (Shiloh) to affect regional atmospheres and to equip harvesters for the harvest.

In corporate gatherings, Aaron models sensitivity to the flow of the spirit which empowers leaders, priestly seers and worshippers to experience the abiding presence of the Lord thus releasing the power of creativity and facilitating breakthrough. Aaron has a "now" word as an equipper, speaker and an imparter for advancing the purposes of the Kingdom.

JILL-MARIE EVANS Through a significant encounter, the Lord called her out of more than thirty years in the corporate world to an intensive year of separation and preparation in an Esther-type experience truly for a time such as this.

With a background in real estate law, property development and program management in the construction and facilities operation fields, in both the business and church environments, God's plan on how to utilize these experiences in behalf of the Kingdom is now being revealed. As a Kingdom consultant, her experiences will help to align these arenas with the present purposes of the Kingdom.

Jill-Marie's ability to yield to the Spirit, along with her compassion for people, allows her to flow with the heart of God to minister healing, deliverance, insight and a word in due season for others. Because of Jill-Marie's passion for God, this warrior spirit influences others to encounter the Lord for themselves.

Through an experience with the Lord, an anointing was released upon Jill, He called "Revealing and Healing", to empower the daughters of destiny with the promise made in Joel 2:25 to "make up to you for the years that the swarming locust has eaten; The creeping locust, the stripping locust and the gnawing locust". Her life experiences and her empathetic spirit allow her to edify, comfort and encourage those in need and to coach those who have been bruised in life to regain their confidence and trust in the Lord. It is this desire that moved her and Aaron to launch Generation T, LLC a personal and business empowerment coaching and consulting firm

Her transition into her new role as leader, ministry gift, wife and mom to a very busy little boy,
(see the Brain Balance Story) is allowing her to live out and experience the principles of a Proverbs 31 virtuous woman.